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The Self Love Code

The most important relationship you have is with yourself. Many of us feel a deep longing to connect to our true selves and find love and compassion for ourselves.


This workshop takes you on a journey to develop a loving relationship with yourself and be present to and connect deeply with the messages from your body and soul, your own experience and deepest feelings. Learn how to care for yourself and treat yourself with love, compassion and respect.


When we release old shame and guilt and let go of who you think you need to be to be ok. Use all your gifts, talents and skills with real confidence and self esteem and share your true authentic self with the world. Once you get back into the essence of who you are, you have the freedom to heal and find happiness and self love.




What we explore in this course: 


Learning to be fully in your own body and with your own experience. Reconnect with the parts of yourself you might have abandoned and rejected. 


How to separate your emotions and needs from those of another person. 


Making sure your self-talk is kind and supportive and create a tender, loving, and deeply connected relationship with yourself. 


Being open to receive as much as you are giving and sensing and setting appropriate boundaries. 


Taking time for yourself and your needs, wants and desires: care, grooming and pampering.


Having compassion and understanding for what you you are going through on your journey though life and forgive yourself for the mistakes you might have made along the way. 


Taking care of, and being there for yourself and your own "inner child" through thick and thin. Protecting yourself from anything that hurts you whether from yourself or others.