Coaching with Aina

Are you ready for a real change in your life? 


Are you prepared to go deeper than you’ve ever gone, to reach higher than you ever thought possible? Are you ready to break old patterns and move past everything that’s been holding you back, to become fully motivated and empowered, and experience the strength in truly being seen? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. 


Aina is available for a limited amount of personal coaching sessions. She sees clients in London, while travelling or via online calls.


She isn’t just a coach — she’s a catalyst for the transformation of your life. and she can help you get to the roots of what is going on for you. She knows that no single approach is right for every individual, and so she will work with you to create the perfect path for your unique situation. Her sessions are highly discreet, creating the ideal environment for you to share yourself, your goals, your dreams.


In Aina, you will have a partner on your journey who is completely invested in helping you. She can hold the map and help interpret it for you while guiding you when the road seems unclear.  She is someone who can help you transform what you dream of into reality.


She can guide you to see your world with a totally new perspective to empower you to own your purpose and give you the the power and insight necessary to turn every one of your goals into meaningful accomplishments and your legacy in the world.


She will be totally committed to your journey. You will be loved, challenged and receive thought-provoking ideas, timeless wisdom, playfulness and an unwavering devotion to help you live your most expansive, expressive and meaningful life.


To decide whether this is right for you, ask yourself: 

Are you ready to go through a deep, exploration and excavation of your life’s story?

Are you willing to gain understanding on your past and how it’s affecting your present?

Are you ready to honour your authentic purpose and and start taking concrete action towards it?


If the answer is “yes,” then working with Aina may be exactly what you need. Contact us and we’ll be in touch soon to schedule your first session.


Your journey begins here.